The Locapour Movement

While Locapour the show is designed to be an entertaining adventure along the same lines as Travel Channel shows like Anthony Bordaine's "No Reservations" there is a driving force of evangelism of a cause at work as well. There is an inherent good in the concept of inspiring a Locapour Movement and I would like you to join us.

How can you be active in the Locapour Movement? It's really very simple: 

  • If you are a consumer, ask your bartender or server if they have any local beers. And be sure to do the same even when you travel. Think of it as a beer adventure.
  • If you are are restauranteur or bar owner make sure you serve local beer.  
  • If you are a brewer, pay special attention to your local market. Do your best to make sure your beer is available around town and the surrounding communities. 

Why is the Locapour Movement so important?

Locally Brewed Beer is Better for the Economy

When you buy beer that was brewed locally more of the money from that purchase stays in the community. That money funds schools, roads and other public infrastructure. You are also buying from a neighbor and supporting his or her business which leads to more jobs in your community. It's simple, buy locally made stuff from local people. 

Locally Brewed Beer Is Better on the Environment

The carbon footprint of shipping beer across the country, and across the world, is staggering. Think about the energy required to haul trucks full of kegs, or glass bottles, filled with beer. According to The Brewer's Association it takes 1.5 gallons of oil to produce a keg of beer and another 2.5 gallons of oil to ship that keg of beer 1,400 miles. So if you are in the Northeast ordering a California beer it took 5 gallons of diesel to get that beer to you.  Be green, drink high quality craft beer that's brewed locally.

Locally Brewed Beer Is Fresher and Usually Tastes Better

Unlike wine, beer isn't meant to age. Sure you can cellar this year's limited edition seasonal to compare it to next year's but in general craft beer is meant to be enjoyed while it is fresh. There's a reason why bottled beers have a "enjoy by" date on the label. Shipping beer long distance takes time and time reduces the freshness of the beer. Drink local, it tastes better.

Locally Brewed Beer Represents the Character of the Community

Every city in the world has its own unique character. The water is different, the climate is different and the people are different from place to place. All of these unique elements come together in whatever the community creates. This is particularly true of beer. It's local people who make a decision to brew beer that they and their friends like. Eventually, they decide to make a go of opening a brewery and sharing their beer with the community. Whether you are at home or traveling, drink local. You might just discover something special.