Locapour is show, created and produced by Mike Langford, that celebrates locally brewed beer.

Locapour: A Show That Celebrates Locally Brewed Beer

On a Tuesday night shortly after I moved to Austin, TX, from the Boston area, in 2011 my friend Heather invited me to come out for a few beers with friends at Doc's Motorworks on South Congress. "Join us for Texas Tuesday at Doc's." she said. 

It was hot out, Texas hot, and we said outside because...well...it's Austin and outdoor dining and drinking is how we roll in Austin. A nice cold beer would totally hit the spot. So, when the server arrived and explained to me that it was Texas Tuesday and all Texas brewed beers were only $2.50 I nearly wept tears of joy except....wait were there any good beers brewed in Texas? I remember tasting great beer from Live Oak Brewing back in 2009 during SXSW.

I had become a craft beer fan a few years earlier and loved beers from Stone Brewing, Dogfish Head, Avery Brewing, Anchor Brewing and so on. But for some reason I wasn't familiar with Texas beers beyond Shiner, Live Oak and Lone Star. As it turns out the reason why I didn't know about many of the amazing craft beers brewed in Texas was because the antiquated laws regulating beer distribution in Texas made it impossible for beers brewed here to make their way up to the North East.

So as I looked over beer menu at Doc's and my eyes found the Texas beers section I was amazed to see so many new beers. That moment was a game changer for me. Since then I always look to see what local beers are on tap or in the bottle wherever I go.

Over time however my passion for locally brewed beer changed from one of exploratory interest to one of conviction.

"Why on Earth would I drink a beer shipped here from another state when I can drink one brewed locally by people who live in my community?"

For the first time I really cared about where something I consumed was produced. I had become a locavore when it came to my beer consumption...I had become a locapour!

Locapour the show is my way of sharing my passion for locally brewed beer and evangelizing the Locapour Movement. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to hearing your locapour stories.

~ Mike Langford

Locapour creator and producer  Mike Langford  enjoying a  (512) Wit  at  Hopdoddy in Austin, TX .

Locapour creator and producer Mike Langford enjoying a (512) Wit at Hopdoddy in Austin, TX.