South Austin Brewing Saison D'Austin at Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, TX


Episode 9

Beer: Saison D'Austin - Belgian Style Saison

Brewer: South Austin Brewing Co. in Austin, TX

Episode Location:  Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Show Notes: Saison D'Austin is a Belgian style beer, brewed by an American who grew up in India and discovered he liked beer when he had his first Chimay in Washington DC. Mike Langford explores Saison D'Austin with with that guy in this episode. That guy is Jordan Weeks, Founder and Brewmaster, of South Austin Brewing Co. Mike and Jordan met at Glass Half Full, a full service bar at the newest Alamo Drafthouse Cinema location in the Lakeline area of Austin, TX.

Brewer's Description:  "Quick Sip: Rich, citric, black pepper tones. Food Pairing: Grilled fare, desserts, fresh fruit, grits & eggs, spicy Thai food."

Vitals: 8% ABV

Where to Find It: Saison D'Austin can be found at liquor stores and grocery stores in the greater Austin area. The home page of the South Austin Brewing site has a pretty good listing of where to find the signature 750ml bottles and places that have it on tap. You can also check out Taplister for up to date locations.

How to Pair the Beer with Food and Mood: Mike Langford suggests avoiding the sweet pairings suggested by the brewer. The beer is naturally sweet enough and might get all angry at the notion of competing with others sweets. This beer would totally kick ass with a cheese course though. Treat it almost as you might a wine with a sweater finish. It would also rock with some blackened white fish. As for mood, the beer's bottle presentation almost gives it a celebratory feel. Try popping a bottle in lieu of champaign. The sweetness and high ABV also give Saison D'Austin a relaxing mood. It's perfect for romantic evening watching a movie on the couch.

About the Venue: If you have never had the opportunity to catch a movie at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema consider yourself warned. Once you do, you will not want to watch a movie at any other theater chain again. It's not only the fact that you can order from a huge list of local craft beers, wine, cocktails and full food menu right from your seat as you enjoy the show. There's a special culture there that makes all the difference. The people who work there, from founder Tim League, to the waitstaff and ticket counter peeps, all love the movies. This isn't just a job...this is an experience. Maybe that's why Alamo has the highest revenue per screening of any movie theater chain in the country.

We shot this episode at the new Glass Half Full bar in Alamo's latest location Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Lakeline. It's a full bar where you can enjoy your favorite beverage before, after or in lieu of a movie. 

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Hops & Grain Pale Dog at Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Episode 8

Beer: Pale Dog - Pale Ale

Brewer: Hops & Grain Craft Brewery in Austin, TX

Episode Location:  Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Brewer's Description:  "Full of malt character with a dry, crisp and hoppy finish.  We start with a base of the highest quality 2 Row malted barley our eyes have ever seen.  We blend that with a small amount of Vienna and Caramel malts to add distinct character and mouthfeel and then mash strategically for both attenuation and a balanced malty sweetness. Throughout the boil we use a blend of Summit, Columbus and Cascade to lend flavors of resinous fruit and dank pine. The kettle hop additions provide an enticing aroma and noticeable but balanced bitterness and we dry hop in the fermenter to deliver a mouthful of hoppiness."

Vitals: 6% ABV / 50 IBU

Where to Find It: Pale Dog cans are available in liquor stores and grocery stores with healthy local beer selections throughout the Austin area. You can also find it on tap at many craft beer bars in the area. Check out Taplister for up to date locations.

How to Pair the Beer with Food and Mood: The dry finish of this beer begs to be paired with a burger or some other juicy but savory food. Maybe it's the can presentation but it also really feels like the beer would best be enjoyed in an outdoor dining scenario.  Grabbing a burger and a picnic table feels about right for the Pale Dog. Dogs love burgers and being outside. 

Show Notes: Mike Langford explores Hops & Grain Pale Dog with Brandy Egli, the co-owner of Craft Pride. Brandy is a true visionary in Austin's burgeoning craft beer scene. In this episode Mike and Brandy discuss entrepreneurship, the beer itself, how to pair it with food and mood, and what drew Brady and her husband JT Egli to Austin.

About the Venue: Craft Pride is firmly on the A List of best craft beer bars in Austin. With 54 taps and 2 casks serving only Texas craft beers this place is sure to have something for even the most adventurous beer geek. We love it so much that we have agreed to host a special Locapour Night there during Austin Beer Week on Nov 1, 2013. 

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Rogness Brewing Yogi at Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Episode 7

Beer: Yogi - Chai Spiced Amber

Brewer: Rogness Brewing in Austin, TX

Episode Location:  Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Brewer's Description:  "More than a beer, this is a state of mind. Yogi has a rich copper color and fragrant aromas of chai. Saigon cinnamon, clove, ginger, cardamom, and black pepper create an exotic flavor profile."

Vitals5.2% ABV / 39 IBU

Where to Find It: Yogi by Rogness Brewing can be found in the bottle or on tap throughout Central and Eastern Texas. Check out the beer finder page on the Rogness Brewing website or Taplister. Remember, if your liquor store or bar doesn't carry your favorite local beer don't be afraid to ask them to carry it.

How to Pair the Beer with Food and Mood: As you might imagine Yogi, with its chai spices, pairs incredibly well with Indian, Thai or other Asian foods. It is also perfect for pairing with sweets. It's easy to imagine adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a glass of Yogi for a delicious beer float.

The spices in Yogi linger on the palate for a very long time so expect yourself to feel very zen-like about the experience as it forces you to continuously contemplate the beer. It's a perfect beer for cool evening by the fire. 

Show Notes: Mike Langford explores Yogi with one of its creators, Forrest Rogness. The other creator, and the one whose inspiration drove its creation, Diane Rogness was traveling to her native Iceland during this episode's shooting. (We'll be sure to have Diane on during a future Austin episode.) During this episode Forrest shares that it was Diane's passion for yoga and love of chai tea that inspired the creation of Yogi. It's a beer exemplifies the Rogness vision of creating special beers that are different than what everyone else is brewing. 

Forrest and Diane Rogness are in many ways the Godfather and Godmother of the Austin craft beer scene. The couple also own and operate Austin Homebrew Supply, which serves as the training ground and starting point that has influenced just about every craft brewer in town. Pro Tip: Just about every successful brewer got his or her start as a home brewer.

About the Venue: Here's a bit of trivia for you. Forrest Rogness is the cousin of Brandy Egli, owner of Craft Pride. Forrest and Diane ventured to Austin back in the 1990s and in 2010 convinced Brandy and JT to come for a visit during the first ever Austin Beer Week. Three years later and Craft Pride is now one of the most influential craft beer bars in Central Texas and will be hosting the opening night, along with a special Locapour event during the 2013 Austin Beer Week

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Austin Beerworks Einhorn at Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Episode 6

Beer: Austin Beerworks Einhorn - Berliner Weisse

Brewer: Austin Beerworks in Austin, TX

Episode Location:  Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Brewer's Description:  "Einhorn is a traditional German-style sour wheat beer. It's decidedly tart and intensely carbonated, making it one of the most refreshing styles around. And at only 3.5 percent ABV, you can be refreshed all day long. Very refreshing. Very German. And much more fun than water"

Vitals: 3.5% ABV

Where to Find It: Einhorn is a summer seasonal. You will find it around Austin and Central Texas during the hot months on, (Check Taplister) or a stores with extensive local beer selections like Whole Foods.

How to Pair the Beer with Food and Mood: Tre Miner, Certified Cicerone at Craft Pride suggests Einhorn will pair well with a salad or fresh vegetables. Mike Langford agrees and had an "ah ha" moment when Tre made his suggested pairing in that Einhorn almost drinks more like a crisp white wine. Therefore pairing this beer with fresh fruit or cheese in a picnic setting would be perfect.

One other note on pairing a berliner weisse, traditionally this beer would be served with a sweet raspberry syrup that the drinker could blend with the beer to balance the tartness. We didn't try that for this episode but it sure sounds fantastic. 

Show Notes: Mike Langford and Tre Miner enjoy an Austin Beerworks Einhorn. Okay...Tre enjoys it first and Mike, who is a bit surprised and dumbfounded by what is happening with this strange concoction, plays catch up. At first you can tell Mike doesn't really dig the beer. Now, in fairness he had never had a berliner weisse before and he also rather new to sour beers as a style. By the end of episode however you can see that Mike is truly enjoying Einhorn and his mind is racing for opportunities to pair it with food.

About the Venue: There are only 9 Certified Cicerones in Austin, TX and Craft Pride on Rainey Street in Austin, TX has employed two of them. Commitment to excellence and educating the consumer is of paramount importance in any fine dining experience and that is exactly what comes through at Craft Pride. 

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Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Half IPA at Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Episode 5

Beer: Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Half IPA

Brewer: Austin Beerworks in Austin, TX

Episode Location:  Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Brewer's Description:  "Here's the secret: This is really an American Pale Ale. But we call it Half IPA because we do what we want. Light hop additions during the boil and tons of dry hopping with Centennial and Citra mean the bitterness is low, but the hop flavor and aroma are high. Made specifically for summertime in Austin, it's great for sitting poolside or dockside. "

Vitals: 5.6% ABV

Where to Find It: The Half IPA is part of the Heavy Machinery season beer series produced by Austin Beerworks. It was released for the summer of 2013 and was available on tap or in the can in the Austin area. Here's to hoping they make Half IPA and annual seasonal. Check Taplister for Half IPA to find it on a tap near you.

How to Pair the Beer with Food and Mood: David Voss, Operations Manager at Craft Pride suggests pizza as a pairing for the Half IPA. As he says "pizza is one of the perfect foods." Mike Langford suggests pairing the Half IPA with a hot dog. In both cases this beer seems to cry out for an unpretentious meal that old school dudes would be happy eating while they going about their summertime activity.

Show Notes: Mike Langford and David Voss enjoy an Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Half IPA. Mike's reaction is that this is a decidedly manly beer with great hops on the front end and an almost musky finish on the backend. David thinks the Half IPA is perfect for Austin summers at the pool or a hike in the greenbelt or being out on the water. Mike and David applaud Austin Beerworks' use of the can for beer delivery. 

About the Venue: Craft Pride on Rainey Street in Austin, TX is a perfect venue to explore seasonal and limited run craft creations such as the Austin Beerworks Heavy Machinery Half IPA. Owners JT & Brandy Egli have a commitment to local craft beer that is a shining beacon of the Locapour Movement. Imagine a tap wall with 54 Texas craft beers and retail shop with hundreds of other fine selections and you'll see that their mantra "It's all about the beer" isn't just a tagline. It's a way of life.

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(512) IPA on Nitro at Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Episode 4

Beer: (512) IPA on Nitro

Brewer: (512) Brewing Company in Austin, TX

Episode Location: Craft Pride in Austin, TX

Brewer's Description:  "(512) India Pale Ale is a big, aggressively dry-hopped American IPA with smooth bitterness (~65 IBU) balanced by medium maltiness. Organic 2-row malted barley, loads of hops, and great Austin water create an ale with apricot and vanilla aromatics that lure you in for more."

Vitals: 7.2% ABV and 65 IBU

Where to Find It: (512) IPA is a consistent staple of the Austin craft beer scene. If you are at a bar or restaurant in Austin that takes beer seriously, you are sure to find (512) IPA on tap. Check Taplister for (512) IPA to find it on a tap near you.

How to Pair the Beer with Food and Mood: This beer is a "palate wrecker" as JT Egli of Craft Pride says and it isn't likely to play well with mild flavored foods. Hops like this demand foods that pack a punch and come ready to do some damage to your tastebuds. Pair bold with bold in this case and explore spicy foods with the (512) IPA. 

Show Notes: Mike Langford and JT Egli enjoy a (512) IPA on Nitro. As JT explains, the Nitro presentation (which injects nitrogen into the beer during the pouring process) adds a creamier character to the beer. This presentation style allows the craft beer drinker to experience the beverage in a way that provides new enjoyment. Craft Pride is pioneering the Nitro presentation style in Austin in cooperation with several local brewers to provide craft beer fans yet another way to explore beer.

About the Venue: If enjoying craft beer is as religious experience for you, then you need to make a pilgrimage to Craft Pride on Rainey Street in Austin, TX.  "It's all about the beer." is the matra of owners JT & Brandy Egli and it shows. This place is craft through and through. Featuring a tap wall of nothing but Texas craft beers Craft Pride is also a shining beacon of the Locapour Movement

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Live Oak HefeWeizen at Black Star Co-op in Austin, TX

Episode 3

Beer: Live Oak HefeWeizen

Brewer: Live Oak Brewing Company in Austin, TX

Episode Location: Black Star Co-op in Austin, TX

Brewer's Description:  "Modeled after the classic wheat beers of Bavaria, our HefeWeizen has a cloudy, straw-colored appearance with a thick, creamy head. It is fermented with an authentic Weizenbier yeast strain which imparts delicate notes of clove, vanilla and banana which harmonize perfectly with its mild refreshing tartness. Together these flavors create the perfect thirst quencher to beat the Texas heat."

Vitals: 5.2% ABV

Where to Find It: The Live Oak HefeWeizen is consistently rated one of the best that Texas has to offer. As a result it is very popular on beer lists in Central Texas in bars, pubs, restaurants and even movie theaters. Check Taplister for Live Oak HefeWeizen to find it on a tap near you.

How to Pair the Beer with Food and Mood: This beer has a nose and taste of cloves in droves and it pairs well with all the foods that you might imagine Germans enjoy with their favorite hefeweizen. Think salted, smoked meat products like brisket and sausage. It also pairs perfectly with a ham sandwich or crazy Austin creations like a chicken fried stuff avocado.

Show Notes: Mike Langford enjoys a glass of Live Oak HefeWeizen with Black Star's brewmaster Jeff Young. This is a fun episode where we get to see a brewmaster dive in and explore the work of another local brewer's creation. One thing that comes through is the passion Jeff has for local craft beers. You'll hear his enthusiasm for the newly expanded distribution laws for craft beer makers with a real concern for the well being of the industry should brewers be too quick to grow beyond the natural reach of the local markets.

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Vulcan by Black Star Co-op - A Craft Beer Brewed In Austin, TX

Episode 2

Beer: Vulcan

Brewer: Black Star Co-op in Austin, TX

Brewer's Description:  "Big citrus and piney hop character, full rye body. For all you sophisticated hop-heads out there, Vulcan is strong, but balanced. 20% rye and 20 lbs of hops."

Vitals: 6.6% ABV, 64.7 IBU

Where to Find It: Currently Vulcan can only be found at Black Star Co-op. However, due to a recent changes in Texas state laws regulating the distribution of beer you will soon be able to find it elsewhere. 

How to Pair the Beer with Food and Mood: Vulcan is a "narcissistic beer that demands your attention", according to its creator Jeff Young, so be prepared. This is definitely a late afternoon or evening beer that is sure to get you feeling good in a hurry. It's hoppy without being so intense that it overpowers food. It will pair well with burgers or anything in the savory or salty spectrum. Just steer away from anything overly sweet as the bitterness of the hops will likely clash.

Show Notes: Mike Langford enjoys a glass of Vulcan with Black Star's brewmaster Jeff Young. The beer was inspired by a giant cast iron statue in Birmingham, AL of Vulcan (Roman God of Fire). Jeff wanted to create something bold, yet drinkable with a fiery orange color and he did just that. He brought the recipe with him when he came to Austin and it became one of Black Star Co-op's signature beers in their "Rational Beer Series"

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Elba by Black Star Co-op

Episode 1 

Beer: Elba

Brewer: Black Star Co-op in Austin, TX

Brewer's Description:  "American wheat ale, spiced with lemon grass, grains of paradise, and bitter orange peel."

Vitals: 4.4% ABV, 15.8 IBU

Where to Find It: Currently Elba can only be found at Black Star Co-op. However, due to a recent changes in Texas state laws regulating the distribution of beer you will soon be able to find it elsewhere. 

Recommended Drinking Situation and Food Pairing: Elba is perfect for the hot summer weather in Austin. It's relatively low ABV and fresh taste make it a perfect beverage to have with some fish tacos. 

Show Notes: Mike Langford enjoys an Elba with Black Star's brewmaster Jeff Young. During their discussion Jeff explained that Black Star Co-op is the first cooperatively owned brewpub in the United States and that Elba was their first beer created by the cooperative efforts of the member owners.

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